Noopus was 6 months on July 4th!

I haven’t updated our 6 month stats! John is a whopping 18 lbs, and is 28.5″ long. Or tall. Haha. He seems to have more and more of a personality every day, and it’s a silly one. He loooooves going swimming in the nude in our kiddie pool on our deck (closely supervised, of course). He loves to make silly sounds and likes to shout, “HA!!!!!!!!!!!” when he’s being especially playful. Still no teeth, still no crawling – no big deal. He sits really well and I can leave him be for a little while to play/learn on his own. So I’m in no rush for the crawling! We found out he also loves it when Grandpa takes him on wagon rides down my parent’s long driveway. Wheee. He loves being held upside down by his hips, and loves being taken outside in the rain.

This is beginning to sound like a baby personal ad… so here are some pics to make that bizarre scenario complete:

(I just thought this one was funny!)


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Long overdue!

I think it’s time I updated! We had a busy month, that is for sure. First we did a trip to Turtleback Zoo, then the beach, and then we went to Vermont and Connecticut! John is quite the seasoned road warrior. He’s really good in the car, and slept most of the way for all trips (including the drive to Ohio).

I will just put up some pics:
Beach! Boardwalk! Fun!

Measuring up at the Zoo

Snoozin’ by Lake Champlain

We’ve been way into the World Cup lately. John cheers for the US and Mom cheers for England. 🙂

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5 months!

My big boy can now sit by himself for about 30 seconds! He did this at yoga last Tuesday for about 5 seconds and I was psyched. We practiced some more and he was able to sit for pictures yesterday! Yay for my 5 month old boy! I’m not sure when the average kids sits, I think it varies. Our friend’s boy didn’t sit until after 6 months. I’ve seen pics of kids who could do it at 4 months. So it is nice to know 5 months is perfectly acceptable, that’s a load off my mind! He has been stalling out on his stomach for two months and I was worried we were running into a problem. He still hates being on his tummy after a while. I wonder when he’ll be able to get into the sitting position from his tummy? Is that too much to ask? I’ve given up on him rolling from tummy to back. Haha. I think he’ll sit from his tummy first, he also started going from his forearms to his hands this week, like a little seal. When he first discovered it, he was going up and down, over and over, like it was the best thing ever.

Mike has been off all week, so I’ve been sleeping in an hour. Awesome… heavenly… don’t want it to end! But this morning when I was sleeping, Noopy was sitting, falling forward a bit, and then using his hands to straighten up. Wow.

It’s amazing how beings like horses can walk from birth, yet it takes 5 months for humans to be put into a sitting position and stay there for half a minute. It’s just so nice to see him be able to do more things, he wants to move around so bad and gets so frustrated when he can’t. He’s so tenacious, I hope we can figure out how to get him to be able to do stuff later in life without crying when he realizes he can’t just yet. That is such a trait from my Mom’s side of the family. They’re all ultra competitive with themselves. It’s not so bad when they reach adulthood, of course, but it can make for some embarrassing moments in childhood. Oh well. We’ll work on that.

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John was great in the car, he stuck to his usual nap schedule and made things very easy on us. We did stop at Crapper Barrel on the way there, he loved the ceiling fans and all the crap on the walls. I love Crapper Barrel, I won’t lie. It’s something I look forward to every trip across I-80 to Northeast Ohio.

The main purpose of our trip was to visit my Grandpa. John is the first Great-Grandchild, and Grandpa is really getting on in years, so it was important that we visited as soon as the weather turned nice. We had a good visit Friday night, but he had to cancel on us coming over Saturday, he came down with a nasty cold. I hope that he gets better – I know his days are unfortunately numbered. He didn’t look good at all. He did mention while we were there on Friday that he is thinking about selling the house and getting into assisted living. I was relieved to hear he wanted to do that.

Saturday morning we met up with some of my old school buddies in my hometown and had breakfast. My friend Sue had a baby 3 weeks after I did, so she and I were pretending our kids were on a date, haha. Too bad it was a shitty day out and we couldn’t walk around afterward. If you’ve ever been to Hudson, you’ve been to heaven (especially the new library, *drool*).

We wen over my Grandma’s best friend’s house after breakfast (she lives in Akron), she is the sweetest person. She made John a quilt when he was born, it’s the cutest thing and I use it all the time. She was never blessed with children with her husband, but loves babies all the same. I am so glad we went and saw her, she cheered me up quite a bit.

Breakfast in Hudson!


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Sorry I’ve been MIA!

Mr. Noopy came down with a cold on Monday and has only wanted to be held. Lordy! He’s doing ok, but is still really congested. He really hates that bulb aspirator! To top things off, we are traveling to Ohio tomorrow so that my Grandfather can meet his first Great Grandchild! I’m really excited to go to Ohio, it’s where I grew up (between Akron & Cleveland) and will always consider “home”. I am meeting with some friends from first grade, in addition to visiting Grandpa. So hopefully next week I will have more of a real update.

See you when I get back from Ohio!


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Need opinions!

I’m making a felt pizza for a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday. Her birthday is at a pizza place. When I am done, I am going to make a box and make up a fake pizza place logo with the little girl’s name on it, like it’s her little restaurant. AWWWW.

I need opinions:

How should I embellish this pizza? All the parts are removable. I haven’t done the toppings yet. The crust has a layer of cotton quilt batting in between two pieces of felt, the sauce is one layer of felt and nothing else, and the cheese is two layers of felt glued together. Should I do a blanket stitch of the same color on each piece (red thread for the sauce, etc…)?

Anything else I could do?

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Happy Mother’s day, to all of you.

I have dedicated 24 hours of the day to my little son for all of his four months and 5 days. No wait, even longer… I was obsessed with him since April 17th, 2009, when I finally got a positive pregnancy test.

It hasn’t been easy, and there’s no medal for dealing with all the draining stuff, but there is Mother’s Day. I used to laugh about Mother’s Day, because my birthday is on the 13th and they’re usually very near each other. I would say, “Oh, I didn’t get you anything, because I’m your present!” My mom would laugh, and the couple times I would try and get her something, I’d get yelled at for spending money (and not in a “Oh, you shouldn’t have!”, but secretly pleased way. But now I laugh at my old self, it’s pretty true. John is my present. I love him so much.

But motherhood, it is hard work. And it’s not all warm fuzzy feelings all the time. Especially when your husband has weekly business trips that require overnight stays. I should be used to him being away, he was always gone when we were dating (on tour and stuff with his band). But I was in college then, and I really needed to be alone to study and stuff. Now, it’s hard. When Mike is away, it’s sad that I get to see all the cute stuff and just have to tell him what happened. And when John is crying most of the day because I had to take him alone to get his shots, it’s also really hard. I can’t just pass him off to anyone for a half hour, especially since none of our friends live that close (and are all busy anyway). I really admire all the single moms I know, you really are amazing people.

Mike let me sleep in a little while he and my morning person of a son had breakfast (apples for J, coffee for Mike), and watched Columbo (Mike is obsessed). LOL. Apparently my Noopy is becoming more vocal, I sort of couldn’t sleep because he was making these long and drawn out vowel sounds. It was cute, though. Then Mike brought John to me and I nursed him down for his nap. Mike then gave me a Mother’s Day present, and a homemade card (it’s a sock monkey card!!). What a perfect morning. We are taking the day off from church, I’m very sore today and I don’t want to overdo it. God understands. Only he knows what my fibromyalgia pain is like!

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