I’m convinced that 99 percent of all fussiness in babies is caused by their immature digestive systems trying to work out gas. This “colic” business, in my opinion, is just stomach pains. Or they are for my kiddo. I noticed a week and a half ago, after I ate nothing but cheese, ice cream, and milk the day that John was extra fussy. I sadly thought that maybe all of his evening fussiness was from me eating dairy throughout he day, so I decided that if I was doing something that hurt him, I’d need to stop it. Girl scout cookies were in the house, I had my favorite strawberry ice cream in the freezer, and Mike just brought home Nutella. But I didn’t care. I was going dairy free to help my baby.

So all last week, I monitored him. He slowly got less and less colicky, and I thought it was working. Sunday night, we went over my parents house for dinner, and my Dad made chicken breasts stuffed with prosciutto and Jarlsburg cheese. He dipped them in breadcrumbs, fried them, then baked them. Oh wow. I had to have a piece. So I did, thinking it could be my experiment. It was delicious, and I savored every bite. But then yesterday early morning was the day from hell! John was SO gassy and uncomfortable! I felt terrible, it was from that cheese. So while I am quite pleased I was right thinking he can’t process milk protein right now, I felt awful for making him hurt like that. Sorry, baby!

And just to note, it’s been really easy to cut out dairy. I don’t know if it’s the fear of hurting my kiddo or what, but it’s easy to take a second to read a lable to prevent hours of crying!


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