Happy Birthday to M!

It’s my dear, sweet husband’s birthday. He is THIRTY FIVE. Wow. When we met, he was 24… and now 24 seems so young to me (I was 21! 21! A baby!). But anyway, I personally think 35 is a great age, especially since he is now a Dad. In fact… I would go as far as saying he is a DILF! Proof:

You see what I mean?!!??!?!?! How lucky am I?!?! VERY! And in addition to being very handsome, he is an insanely creative and accomplished musician, can think of a movie or tv quote to fit any occasion at the drop of a hat, supports anything I ever want to do (his optimism/encouragement got me through college AND the first month of breastfeeding!), he takes really good care of his health by eating well and working out, and he works really hard at his job to enable me to be what I’ve always wanted – a stay at home mom.

Anyway… he didn’t want anything but a skateboarding t-shirt and a goofy cake (a cake wreck, if you will). The Noopy and I are going to really try and make it spectacularly awful, wish us luck!


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