I’ve lost 37 lbs since January 4th… and have at least 18 to go! BOO. I’m not really exercising. I’m too tired and I really don’t have time to dedicate 30 minutes in a row to exercising. I am watching what I eat (as it goes into my mouth, hahaha!). No really, I am. I have the Tap ‘n Track food tracker on my iTouch and I count calories and fat grams and see how I’m doing on protein (the more the better, you stay fuller longer). I lost 29 lbs pretty much right away, and it’s taken about a month and a half to lose 8. IT SUCKS. Whoever said you lose weight breastfeeding lied, lied, lied. Or, Each one of my boobs weighs 10 lbs each. Yeah… that’s it…

M says I am the incredible shrinking woman… I think he’s being nice… ugh. I hate this extra weight. I didn’t want to gain so much, but I had something wrong with me and ate all the time. It was ridiculous. If I didn’t eat, I felt so yucky. So there you go. If I can lose 18 by mid-May, my birthday, I am treating myself to a pair of jeans. I hope I can get more energy to exercise! It won’t happen without that…


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