Gentian violet!!! Thrush!! Bah!!

Hmmmm, what are you trying to hide, buddy???


It is!!

So since Noopy’s pediatrician is more crunchy than most, which I LOVE, she suggested we give him gentian violet to treat his thrush. Thrush is a little mouth infection nursing babies often get at least once, it’s just yeast that sits on the tongue and can’t be scraped off. Noopy has a mild case, but gentian violet is supposed to work wonders on stubborn cases too. I looked on KellyMom to see what strength GV I should get, and how to apply it… so far so good. This pic is from Saturday night. I didn’t put petroleum jelly on his face beforehand, so after I nursed him a few times at night, pretty much his entire face turned purple! He looked like Bluto from Popeye! Most of it came off with some Johnson & Johnson’s body wash/shampoo combo. I was supposed to do the second round last night, but he went to bed at 7:30 and I really wasn’t about to wake him up. So we did round 2 this morning, and I remembered the Vaseline.

Oh, take it from me, this stuff is MESSY and horribly staining, but OxyClean gets it right out! I thought we had ruined a very practical, yet worn out, hand-me-down sleeper sack with long sleeves. It was saved, hooray! Cleaner than it was when I washed it with just detergent before! I love OxyClean, I’m using it with everything from now on.

Ok, the Noop is fast asleep… maybe I can grab a shower…


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