Not the greatest day…

but not the worst! Noopy got a prescription for liquid Diflucan, and I got one for the pills. Why only treat him when I have it too? After running around trying to figure out where my RX had been called in, we took our medicine like a big boy and girl, and hopefully we can kill this infection. I think it’s hard on Noopy’s stomach, he was so crabby today. Or maybe it was the rain. Or maybe it was going to Target twice for my medicine, when it was called into CVS… UGH!

Noopy wasn’t very smiley today, but I did manage to get this photo of him:

What a handsome guy! He is laying on a quilt my Grandma’s best friend made (by hand – even the border is hand stitched!), and on top of him is a blanket one of M’s volunteers made for him. Aren’t they sweet? The quilt is especially dear to me, Velda and my Grandma were best friends since WWII – up until my Grandma passed away in 2002. So getting this in the mail was like my Grandma had sent it herself, even though she wasn’t especially crafty.


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