Our street is totally flooded and I think I should pack bags in case we get evacuated. Us humans will be fine, but we have 4 cats and a dog that I am worried about. The cats are already freaked out, and the dog can’t swim (he has a body like a weiner dog).

😦 I am kind of scared, to be honest. Water is all around out house, up to the foundation, our basement is flooded, and there’s more water coming in through cracks in the wall. I don’t care if we end up losing our house, it’s our pets and my Noopy I worry about.



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2 responses to “Flooding

  1. i came over to thank you for the good laugh (your comment on my post)…only to find out that things are not going well for you! 😦 scary!!! be well & stay safe.

    • Thanks, Joanna. We are lucky and the water receded. Our basement is really wet, but everyone is ok! It was scary, though, if we had lost power our sump pump would have gone out and we would have a huge mess on our hands! Now is a good time to get a battery powered one.

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