There’s a name for this?*

I have a little sister who is 8 years younger than me. When she was a baby, and we lived in Ohio, my family liked to go on hikes and fun things like that. To make all our lives easier, my Dad got a metal frame baby carrier. I think it was a Kelty brand one, but I might be wrong. Anyway, it was always easy to go do outdoor stuff as a family when she was being worn on my Dad’s back.

A few years ago when an acquaintance had a baby, she got a sling to carry him around the house in. I always thought that was a practical idea, her baby liked to be carried and rocked to sleep. If he was in the sling, she could do things around the house while he napped, and would stay asleep. But, I know slings aren’t for me, since I have fibromyalgia and get a flare-up from carrying a purse on my shoulder. It’s that bad. And, I knew I didn’t want any sling from Target, all they carry are those Infantino “death bags”, ugh…

So after the Noopy was a few weeks old, and I was recovered enough to start doing more things around the house, M went out to our local kid’s consignment shop, Kid to Kid, and found a very gently used Baby Bjorn. The first time I put it on, I knew it was a great concept, but the design was terrible. Not only did John look uncomfortable in it, it put all of his weight on my spine and I got a backache almost immediately. But… he fell asleep in it and would stay asleep. Until I took him out of it, of course. Getting him out of that thing always woke him up, because one leg or the other would always get stuck.

I started asking around my circle of Mom-friends, and everyone had a different baby carrier (and all said the Bjorn was bad for them too!). Everyone really loved the ones they had, but that didn’t help me figure out what was right for me personally, with my pain issues. I knew a sling was out, as is any lop-sided carrier that would pull on my neck/back area. I didn’t think a Moby or any kind of wrap would have enough structure, also weighing me down. So I was thinking a soft-structured carrier, an “SSC” as they say in the biz, was probably the best bet. I was going to buy either a Beco Butterfly II or an Ergo. Both looked good. I kept waffling on the issue, and couldn’t make up my mind for about 2 weeks until 2 things happened. My friend Kym let me borrow her Babyhawk, which I liked, but found I didn’t like tying it, and my other friend Anne recommended I go see Jane of Quirky Baby, and just get fitted to make it easier on myself. It seems that these carriers are hard to find in stores, and it’s not easy to actually *find* some place in real life that sells them, so you can try them on.

Quirky Baby carries pretty much every type of baby carrier, it is the *babywearer central (the name for all this!) She listened to my concerns and had me try on first a Beco Butterfly II, which was nice, but the buckles in the back hit me right where I get the most back pain. The next one I tried on was the Catbirdbaby Pikkolo. Noopy felt weightless in it, it was great! So of course, I picked that. I got the Avalon print one, just because it was pretty. But not too pretty, we decided. Who knows if the Noopster will go for pretty when he’s older! Ha. You can do front, side, or back carries with the Pikkolo, but I think the back carry isn’t good for me with this carrier. For that, when Noopy is big enough, I will get the Beco Butterfly II. It has a safety harness and I can put it on like a backpack. The Pikkolo you have to slide it around, and I am just not that coordinated!

So anyway, this “babywearing” thing is great. The day after I got my Pikkolo, I carried Noopy around until he fell asleep. I felt like keeping him on a little longer, and got a bunch done around the house. You know it’s a good carrier if you wear it and you run out of things to do, because you hardly notice you’re carrying a baby! I can’t wait for the weather to get better so we can take Bubba for a walk.

Please excuse my look – it’s so crappy out I’m not bothering to leave the house, so that means comfy cloths and no makeup! But here we are!! As you can see, Noopy is snoozing! And don’t worry, he has PLENTY of room to breathe!!!

I guess there is a whole anti-stroller, baby wearing movement out there. The New York Times had this to say about it:
The Latest in Strollers? Mom and Dad
. I still love my stroller (Uppababy Vista 2009!).


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