Let me document this…

for tomorrow!

-M gave Noopy a bottle at about 7pm, and burped him pretty good.
-After I burped him some more I put him in his swing with the lights low, and read him Goodnight Moon.
-He started to cry, so I took him out, and laid him on the bed with his blankie, and read Goodnight Moon again, as well as my friend’s book, “Vunce Upon A Time” (if you haven’t read it, you should! There is a vegetarian vampire as the main character!)
-He started grunting and straining, so you know what happens after that.
-I change him, he’s starting to freak out.
-I swaddle him and give him his pacifier, stand up, and sway with him until he starts getting drowsy.
-When he’s pretty much asleep, I put him back into the swing.

And he is still in there, and it’s been about a half hour… I was able to eat dinner at least! SO following the B rules (who invented that? Genius), it worked (tonight). Bottle, Book, Blanket, Binky. I will start with a bath tomorrow. And when he wakes up, he’ll get another B, BOOB. 😛

We didn’t do anything too exciting today. I managed to make a dent in the laundry that I couldn’t do this weekend because of our wet basement. The sewer was backed up, so I couldn’t wash anything – no water would go down the drain. So I washed 3 or 4 days of freaking stinky diapers (puke), and his clothes. The rest of the day I tried to clean, and we did end up going to Target and Babies R Us (I had to get something for a baby shower this weekend). Of course I get one thing for the shower, and 5 for Noopy. I got him a floor mirror for tummy time… oh boy. He had such a good time this afternoon on his belly, just checking out his handsomeness in the mirror! SO CUTE!

EDIT: He woke up at about 9, so I moved him to the bed and fed him, he was back asleep in minutes. It wasn’t a real wake-up, just a cry for some milk!


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