Easter baskets

I can’t believe that I actually have to think about stuff like this now! This is the fun part of parenting I totally forgot about. But what do you get a baby who will be all of 3 months old on Easter this year? I came up with some good ideas, and all I had to do was go to Target and WalMart (More about WalMart later… I have to explain!).

First, obviously, you need a basket. I have a flat wood basket that would have worked, but I wanted Noopy to have something special that he would have for all the years he has an Easter basket. So when my Mom and i went to WalMart yesterday, I got a really cute felt bucket for only $6. It’s really durable and will hold up for years (as well it should, as it will only be used once a year!). You can use any container, and decorate it however you want, but I sadly just don’t have time for handmade stuff right now.

Next, you need some grass to put in it. My Mom used to get colored plastic grass when we were kids. I would get red, and my brother would get purple. Later when my sister came along, she would get purple and my brother would get blue. I’m only telling you this because my Mom was a trickster and would hide our baskets every year and we’d have to search the whole house for them. And if we saw someone else’s, we couldn’t say we saw anything. Anyway, I got John green paper grass, because the plastic I saw too late and who knows how good that is for the environment. The green paper is fine in case any drops on the floor and Bubba dog gets to it or something. Or one of the cats.

So now that you have the basics out of the way, what do you give a baby? The first things are OBVIOUS – chocolate that YOU like. 😀 At this point it’s really just there for decoration purposes, right? Noopy got a little chocolate bunny, mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, some gum that comes in a mini egg carton, and of course, OF COURSE, yellow marshmallow Peeps.

Next I had to think about what some spring toys were, and what would he find interesting with his little baby brain. I didn’t want to go overboard, this isn’t Christmas or his birthday. I remembered a book I had when I was little, that I just loved: The Little Rabbit. It’s so sweet, and if I weren’t terribly allergic to bunnies, I would of begged my parents for a Rabbit that looked just like the little girl’s in the story. But anyway, this is a good book to read to your little one. The pictures are large and the story is nice.

But what else? Noopy already has tow really popular baby toys, the Fisher Price Seahorse and Sophie the Giraffe (aka the $20 dog toy… but whatever! He loves it!). He can’t do much right now with toys anyway. He is able to bat them, hold his gaze on them, and if they are small enough, hold onto them (but not grab them to hold just yet). So I thought a bottle of BUBBLES was a great idea! he can look at them and try and grab them. They were 2 for $1 at WalMart.

The rest of the stuff I got at Target, generally my store of choice. They had small bouncy balls, about 6″ in diameter, that were clear and had gold foil bunnies in them. I admit I only got this because I had Noopy with me when I was at Target, and he smiled as soon as I shook it in his face. What can you do? He’s gotten a few things that way… Another thing I got him there were 3″ shiny gold plastic eggs. I will put my peanut butter cups in these, but after that, these will make good rattles if I tape them or glue them in a baby safe way.

About the WalMart thing… where I live in NJ they all SUCK and are soulless and dark and gross. I went to the new one in Flemington yesterday… now I know why people shop there!


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  1. We have managed to lose, not one…but TWO Sophies! ARGH, I love that stupid toy and kinda wanna buy another one 🙂

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