More rain…

We have another flood watch until tomorrow, what a load of baloney! I guess it’s March, though. What are you going to do? I’ll tell you – enjoy the nice days.

Yesterday we went to the park together for the first time. Momma, Daddy, Baby, and Puppy. It was so sweet. We put Noopy in his stroller and I pushed while M walked Bubba. 3/4 of the way through, Noopy woke up and was wet and very hungry. So we changed him on a park bench (classy, I know), and figuring nobody was really around, I just fed him while walking. I am telling myself I looked like I was just holding him. I’m really shy and don’t like to put myself on display or anything. I didn’t even wear a tank top that showed my shoulders until I was probably 15! But, you have to do what you have to do, and if it’s a choice between a quiet baby and a screaming baby, I will pick a quiet baby any day.

I took this after… Noopy was really ready for another nap at this point! He looks mad, doesn’t he? Sorry! Carseats are the law! We’ve talked about this!

So now that it’s raining again, I feel like we’re back in winter. It’s so dark and miserable. I admit I went shopping online to cheer me up. Mom’s Milk Boutique has the new Thirsties Duo Wrap prints available for preorder! I had to order a Blackbird one. I have one in Meadow and I like it a lot. I put a microfiber insert in it and it’s good to go. I also ordered some Rockin’ Green Soap, I really wanted to try it. I think I got it in Buttercream. YUM. So much better than Tide (it’s so overperfumed!).

Well, the Noopy is asleep, so I think I will knit another few rows on his blanket. I have about 9 more to go…


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