Rockin’ Green Soap

Were you on Facebook or Twitter last night? WOW. Rocking Green Cloth Diaper Detergent released their newest formulation for diaper soap recently and decided that yesterday would be a good day to do a giveaway. Or a giveaway every hour. Or maybe every hour, and then whenever they just felt like it. Every hour there were more and more people trying to win a bag of the new Hard Rock detergent for hard water, and by the end of the night, their Facebook page went NUTS! All 2,423 fans were posting love notes trying to win some detergent. People were tweeting and retweeting about it on the #clothdiapers Twitter chat. It was great! I didn’t win any, but my friend @PGHmommy/MommyBurgh did! But can you imagine? The giveaway frenzy spread like wild fire, and I don’t know how many new fans Rockin’ Green got yesterday, but it had to be a lot.

(photo shamelessly stolen from RG’s website)

And you know what? Rightly so. Deservedly so. Rockin’ Green is AWESOME. I used to use Tide on Noopy’s diapers like some nameless website suggested. I thought, ok… but these kind of still smell after I wash them. And also, Tide uses a really heavy perfume that might be ok for adults, but for little babies, it’s not. And when the diapers would get wet, you’d smell pee and Tide… so gross! On a whim last week I picked up some Vanilla Buttercream detergent in Classic Rock, as well as some Peppermint Mocha in the same strength. I knew my order had come in when I got my mail a few days later – it smelled SO good! I luckily had a big bag of dirty diapers that I could wash immediately, so I did. I am pleased to say that not only did they come out SUPER CLEAN, but dried, there was no over-perfumed odor – they just smelled clean. What’s more, is they were softer than I had even felt them! Tide was leaving a residue on them that made them feel gunky. These are just clean, soft, and just smell like clean laundry – not dirty diapers! And to make things even better, this is a green detergent! It’s environmentally friendly! And it comes in unscented for the sensitive people in your life. I got a sample of unscented Soft Rock for my Dad. If it can get my son’s diapers clean, it can wash out the sweat minerals in his cycling clothes. Can’t wait to see him and give him the sample.

Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent comes in 3 formulas: Soft Rock, for soft water; Classic Rock, for regular water; and now Hard Rock, for hard water. Available scents are unscented, cherry lemonade, monkey snacks, lavender vanilla, cherry almond, baby powder, fresh linen, peppermint mocha, vanilla buttercream, mango sorbet, and grape soda. You can use it in a top loader washer, or an HE front loader!! It’s vegan, there are no dyes, no fillers, enzymes, optical brighteners, or phosphates – AND it’s economical at .13 cents a load. BEAT THAT, TIDE!!!!

Seriously, try some Rockin’ Green today, you will not regret it!!

note: I did not get paid or receive any products for free by writing this review – I am just a SUPER satisfied customer!

If any companies want me to review their product, drop me an e-mail at xdearlambx at – i would be happy to for some free merch. LOL.


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