Stay tuned…

I’ve hired Jocelyn from Blogs By Jocelyn to create a header and a blog button for me! She usually works with Blogger, so I am doing the installation here as my site is hosted by WordPress. But! My blog will no longer be naked! Very exciting.

We went to the doctor’s earlier, and we are ok and came out with no prescriptions. The doctor even complimented Noopy on his cloth diapers! We love her. She’s slightly crunchy and doesn’t freak out and over-prescribe stuff (hello, gentian violet!).

After I dragged the poor sleepy slightly sick boy to the yarn store, where I got him some nice handpainted superwash yarn in shades of brown. I am going to knit him a cardigan. Knowing how long it takes me to knit, it will be done just in time for Thanksgiving! LOL! But he was so good at the yarn store, he didn’t utter a peep, he just looked around. I bet he was thinking, “What. The. Heck.”

M should get home at 5, I’m trying to convince him we need to go get ice cream later, or something. It’s SO beautiful outside!


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