Header & Button!

I got the button up to the right, and found some html code suitable for WordPress’ text box widget that will enable you to put it on your site. If you grab it, let me know! I need to see if I did it right, and also if you put it on your site, I will put your button on mine.

The lovely Jocelyn of Blogs by Jocelyn designed them for me. She only works with Blogger blogs right now, so that is why I only asked her to do the graphics for me. WordPress uses CSS and it’s a little different. I like how she did the layouts, don’t you? She used digital scrapbooking paper that she let me pick out. This is where it’s from.

Today I really need to go buy the cats new food. I got them this 95% meat wet food that STINKS to high heaven. Ugh… I might have to go for prescription food. My problem is with 2 of the 4 felines. One weighs TWENTY THREE pounds, and the other has bladder issues (she gets struvite stones). So I read that eliminating grains from their food and upping the protein will help both of them. And the vet said that wet food, in this case, is better for the two of them. The other two are normal and healthy, and don’t even eat that much. This food is super wet, though, it has a lot of water in it. So much that nobody is really drinking any actual water, which is a bit unnerving. UGH, CATS, I LOVE YOU BUT YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY!

And our poor dog, Barnabus, well every time he hears me open a can of wet food he gets all excited because he thinks it’s for him. 😦 Poor puppy dog.

So after Noopy wakes up from his morning nap, we’re going to see what we can try next at the pet store. I think we’ll just go to PetCo this time… the little place we went to in Warren had all kinds of critters that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up… HAIRLESS rats, ya’ll… HAIRLESS RATS.


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