“Teething” – um, ok….

Are you serious, weather? 90 degrees in the beginning of April? Normally I love hot weather, but my little January baby does not! The whining! All day! Noopy’s skin was so hot I thought he was running a temperature, so I called our pediatrician, haha. Can you tell I’m a first time Mom? She says that he’s meant for Alaska, God bless her for being nice about my call. She then asks me if he’s been drooling a lot, and I say, “YES! IS HE SICK?!?!”, hahaha. So couple the whining and hot skin with excessive drooling and hand munching, she says this the start of teething! And the hot weather isn’t helping his perception of how he feels. After all this, the whining eventually turned into full-on whiny screams. Awful, awful screams. Good God in heaven, help me out.

I now see why mothers hate teething. I don’t even think Noopy will get teeth anytime soon, because his gums aren’t swollen and I can’t really see too much going on. But I don’t know, TEETH! He’s only 3 months old! Teeth are for big babies, right? This is an unfortunate sign that my little newborn isn’t a newborn anymore, he’s a big kid. Oh woe. I asked around on a message board how long this might last, and some Moms with older kids said it could be a few months before we see any teeth! And I can’t stand seeing him miserable. I’m looking in to all kinds of things – teething tablets, amber teething necklaces, necklaces that I would wear that he would chew on… some of it sounds gimmicky. Especially the amber necklaces. Do those work? Or are they just cute? I don’t know if I can put a necklace on my kid, I think I’d worry about him getting strangled or something awful.

Yesterday I needed a stiff drink at about 3:30 pm. I hope today is better, because this miserable kid from yesterday doesn’t even have anything to show for the pain he was in. So not fair!

Just to give you an idea of how he was when he was HAPPY yesterday:

(trying his hardest to sit up… I think he was mad he needs help!)



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2 responses to ““Teething” – um, ok….

  1. Awww poor little guy! My Fi got 2 teeth by 4 months old!
    He’s adorable! I love the video

  2. Alexa started “teething” around the same time. She didn’t get her first tooth until she was 7 months. It was just loads of drool and off/on fussiness forEVER. Big hugs to you both 🙂

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