ALWAYS wear a helmet!

So we were planning to go to Hoboken with some friends on Saturday, but my mom called me right as we were getting ready to leave. My cyclist father apparently had a bike accident, and fell and hit his head really hard on the way down. Getting a phone call like this is something I’ve been dreading since my Dad got back in the saddle 10 years ago. Mom was 3 hours away for work and asked us to go get him and take him to the hospital. My Mom sounded freaked, so I called him, and I could sense he was acting goofy (and he repeated himself a few times!), so he needed at CT Scan and a few x-rays for sure.

He was right, he’s fine, but my Mom specifically brought up Natasha Richardson, and I wasn’t going to let him ride his bike back home, even if it was only 5 miles. And he kept trying to get out of it, but you you never let anyone with a possible traumatic brain injury make decisions! He kept trying to get us to follow him the 5 miles home so he could just put his bike away, poor Dad. He wound up not being able to remember the 10 minutes after the accident, so it was clear he really needed to be checked out.

I’m kind of surprised it happened like this, however. He is always extra cautious, and he was in an unfamiliar place (for being on his bike). I guess he and his buddy decided to go to downtown Princeton after their ride, and while he was looking out for cars and people, he rode over a water line cover wrong and just went down.

Or maybe he did it on purpose so he could see this guy again? LOL!

Yesterday, being Sunday, we got our act together and went to church. Noopy usually does really well, but he woke up right when we got there and was wide awake the whole time. I ended up taking him out for the sermon because he started getting bored/crabby. He was also wet and slightly hungry, so I took care of those things. After we went out to brunch in downtown Metuchen – he again was really good and just an angel in public! He really loves to be out and able to look around at his surroundings. I think it is time for the forward-facing out position in his Pikkolo!

Today I absolutely need to go grocery shopping. As soon as he wakes up from his nap we are going out.


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