Before I had kids, I said I’d never…

This is always a fun game to play when you’re thinking about having children, but not yet in a position to do so. I used to always do it with my most fun friend to gossip with. We’d do a typical girl thing and privately gang up on an acquaintance with kids, and talk about their parenting skills. Yes, it is totally a bitchy and petty thing to do, but we all do it!! A lot of times we would actually have positive things to say about what most of our friends were doing: one only lets her kids play video games on Saturday night, and it has to be with Daddy. Another always reinforces speaking nicely about others, and another will only serve her baby solids that are organic purees that she makes herself.

But then there’s the other type of mom… the BAD MOM. And of course… they’re not all that bad, but there are certain things they do that make you a) cringe, and b) feel really good about your future parenting skills. When I was pregnant, my sister sent me an e-mail from an airport saying something like, “OMG WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS NEVER CHANGE THEIR DIAPER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAITING AREA IN THE AIRPORT! GO TO THE BATHROOM! USE A CHANGING TABLE!” I guess she was waiting for a flight and was completely skeeved out that a Mom did this. At the time I thought it was disgusting… then when Noopy was about 10 weeks old, we were at the park and really had to change him, so we used a park bench. People walked by, and although I didn’t hear any comments, I am sure there were some thoughts about how gross it was. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes! And you know what, at the time, it was a new Mom mistake – he wasn’t mad his diaper was wet, he was hungry. Ooops.

But stupid things like changing a diaper in a non-designated diaper changing area aren’t what we gossip about. Usually it’s about safety issues. There’s someone we know who will plop her 5 month old up on the kitchen counter, which really irks my gossipy friend because she is worried he could fall off. There’s other things, but let’s just say “babyproofing” isn’t a word in her vocabulary.

So there are things I have done that I was pretty sure I’d never do, like changing a diaper out in the open, but really that kind of stuff sometimes means the difference between a happy baby and a screaming baby.

What are some things you’ve done that you swore you’d never do?



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4 responses to “Before I had kids, I said I’d never…

  1. Wow. My list is about a mile long of things I swore I would never do! At the top of my list was co-sleeping. And now when my little boy wakes up in the morning, it’s straight into bed with mama. LOL! I also said I wouldn’t change a diaper in public (the idea of that skeeved me out too) but when Subway didn’t have a changing table, guess who got changed in his car seat at the table? My list goes on and on…

  2. Use a pacifier just because it’s easier. What? It helps so much and she LOVES it!

    Compare my baby with other babies. It’s so hard not to! I saw a baby full out sitting who was a week younger than my daughter when my daughter was no where near sitting. It was hard not to wonder if she just wasn’t where she was supposed to be. She was of course, at only 5 months, but it was hard to not want her to be sitting as well.

    I’m sure there’s many more, but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head. Good topic as I think we all have done this.

  3. i dont have a problem with people nursing in public, but i thought for sure i wouldnt do it…but i do. all the time. it doesnt even phase me anymore.

  4. HAHA before I had kids (well, kid) I said I’d never be a mother. Opps…guess I was wrong there 😛

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