So I’m a true novice, though I’ve taken some photography classes. I admit I barely paid attention in the classroom and learned all the darkroom stuff… which I have no use for now! And I guess that is telling my age a bit (I won’t lie, I’m almost 32). So anyway, we got a Nikon d60 last year and my husband has learned to take good photos using our external flash, but I hate how you have to adjust every little thing when you want a nice photo. I will adjust aperture and shutter speed, but also taking the time to put the flash on, choose settings for that as well as the camera… by then Noopy is crying and I have no picture. My thing with the built-in flash was that the photos came out too cool, especially in our living room that is 50/50 light blue and white. So the external flash is what we were using, and slowly I stopped using the d60 altogether.

I asked around and I was told I should adjust the white balance. So I did. AND HELLO! I am so dumb, that was the easiest fix ever. I really need to learn more about my camera. Just because it’s nice doesn’t mean I take good photos, I really need to use the settings!

I’m still not the best photographer, but this is waaaaay better than what I was doing!



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2 responses to “Photography

  1. bea

    omg lelah! he is so perfect. what a little angel!

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