Noopy was baptized today. 🙂 I’m so happy about it, I really love our church. It is a GREAT church for kids, and the Reverend is amazing. The Associate Pastor (Rev. Mercy) is pictured, and she is equally lovely. She LOVES babies, haha! You can hold Noopy all you want, Reverend Mercy!

I got him a traditional gown to wear, but we couldn’t take any photos during the ceremony, so no photos of that. I took it right off as soon as it was over because I didn’t want it saturated with drool! I changed him into the little romper you see pictured. He looked PRECIOUS in his gown, which of course everyone in my family called a dress. Hmph. I just wanted him to look darling, because he is only little once! Ah but it was SO SWEET, I really had to fight back tears as he was getting baptized, I mean really, I was *thisclose* to losing it. I love him SO much, and it just made me feel really good to have him become a part of our church and to have such nice people help him grow up. I am not the best Christian in the world, I will be the first to admit it. I am covetous, vain, judgmental, all those things that are awful. Seriously, I can have a nasty side to me that just comes out in the most inappropriate times. And also I am not the biggest Bible believer, and I’ve been working on that my whole life… I guess you could say I’m more spiritual than religious. ANYWAY… by having Noopy be a part of such a great church eases my mind a bit – he won’t totally be under my influence!

Afterward we went out to brunch and he was SO good, all smiles and giggles for his Aunts and cousins. My Dad and Mom were there also, along with my sister and Mike’s sister and family. It was the first time my family, minus my brother, had set foot in my church in… oh about 14 or so years! It was a good time.



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4 responses to “Baptized!

  1. Jack was Dedicated at our church on the same day!

    our little boys are (sorta) growing up! Im sure he looked adorable in his gown…you should put him in it again to show us some pics!!

  2. Congrats little guy! What a great looking family. Glad it was a great day! I just scheduled my dauther’s too for June. 🙂

    P.S. I’m mrsbird1129 from the bump! I added you to my reader. 🙂

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