Dryer Balls

I really want soft clothes, but I am allergic to fabric softener. I did have some of those blue plastic balls you throw in the dryer, but the thought of adding more chemicals to my laundry freaks me out just a little (you know, via the heat of the dryer, blah blah blah). Whatever. I’m slightly a hippie, we know this. 🙂 Now, there is a slightly popular company run by a very nice lady who makes her own wool dryer balls. She is great, but I can’t justify spending $7/ea on dryer balls when I have TONS of roving left over from when I had time to spin yarn. So, of course, I tried to see if I could make my own dryer balls. Sorry Buddha Bunz! I’m too crafty to pass this up! Plus… you can Google “how to make wool dryer balls”, and you can get instructions on how to make them with 100% yarn. If you don’t want to do this, by all means, please buy some from Buddha Bunz, she is a work-at-home-mom and super nice.

Anyway, here is how I did it:

This is about 5 oz. of unspun angora roving I bought years ago. I found out the hard way when I tried to spin it that I am allergic to bunnies! Washing/felting them is ok, though. The dander comes off. But it was always too pretty for me to throw out.

Wound up into balls and placed into some tights my big butt refuses to fit into. The tights keep the roving from unraveling, and the friction of the roving against the nylon helps it to felt the balls.

I washed and dried them with one load of darks (just in case the dye bled… the roving was from eBay, I got it maybe 5 years ago). Then I cut them out of the tights and took the picture.

And then I put them in the dryer one more time, with a load of diapers. They look good!

Now, time will tell if they soften my clothes, but we will see! Hopefully Bubba won’t steal these like he did with the blue plastic balls. I know where one is, it’s in the yard under some shrubs. Oh Bubba.


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  1. nice work! im allergic to fabric softener as well..it took my the longest time to figure out why my lips were numb! ick!

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