Saturday was awesome. It was 90 at home, so we drove to the beach, where it is always cooler. Ohhh so nice! We went to the Asbury Park boardwalk. I guess 100 years ago it was like going to Disney World, with elephant rides and diving horses and stuff that wouldn’t fly these days. Then it fell out of favor, crumbled up, and turned into the ghetto. Then like 10 years ago, buildings were being sold right and left and things slowly picked up again. I guess there was always places like The Stone Pony, which may or may not have been made famous by some Jersey shore guy.. I think his name is Bruce? Yeah… I never heard of him. 😉 Actually, it’s such a landmark, it is every shore musician’s rite of passage to play there. I’ve been there a few times when Mike’s band would play. But for a long time, that was maybe the only place you could go. Things came and went (like the skatepark Mike claims he first saw me at), but nothing stuck because the money ran out. Until, that is, until someone stepped in and redid the entire beach area from the old Casino to Convention Hall (maybe a mile or mile and a half of boardwalk?) Anyway, it’s now suuuuper upscale and a really great place to spend an afternoon. You can lay on the beach, go to the spray ground, wander in and out of shops, blow glass, paint pottery, and eat until you’re stuffed to the gills.

Here’s Mr. Noopy and I at the beginning:

And us taking a break:

Another landmark (they have YAPPY hour, where you can bring your dog and get drunk!)

It was a good time. We will be back when the spray ground is open – little man needs some time in the water this summer!


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