Need opinions!

I’m making a felt pizza for a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday. Her birthday is at a pizza place. When I am done, I am going to make a box and make up a fake pizza place logo with the little girl’s name on it, like it’s her little restaurant. AWWWW.

I need opinions:

How should I embellish this pizza? All the parts are removable. I haven’t done the toppings yet. The crust has a layer of cotton quilt batting in between two pieces of felt, the sauce is one layer of felt and nothing else, and the cheese is two layers of felt glued together. Should I do a blanket stitch of the same color on each piece (red thread for the sauce, etc…)?

Anything else I could do?


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One response to “Need opinions!

  1. Did you already give it to her? If not, I would add maybe pepperoni to it? I’d stitch it on as they’d be pretty small though.

    I love it though! It’s so cool!

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