Sorry I’ve been MIA!

Mr. Noopy came down with a cold on Monday and has only wanted to be held. Lordy! He’s doing ok, but is still really congested. He really hates that bulb aspirator! To top things off, we are traveling to Ohio tomorrow so that my Grandfather can meet his first Great Grandchild! I’m really excited to go to Ohio, it’s where I grew up (between Akron & Cleveland) and will always consider “home”. I am meeting with some friends from first grade, in addition to visiting Grandpa. So hopefully next week I will have more of a real update.

See you when I get back from Ohio!



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2 responses to “Sorry I’ve been MIA!

  1. hope he is feeling better! and have fun in ohio!

  2. Hope you are having a great time and your little one is doing better!

    My daughter LOATHES the aspirator!

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