John was great in the car, he stuck to his usual nap schedule and made things very easy on us. We did stop at Crapper Barrel on the way there, he loved the ceiling fans and all the crap on the walls. I love Crapper Barrel, I won’t lie. It’s something I look forward to every trip across I-80 to Northeast Ohio.

The main purpose of our trip was to visit my Grandpa. John is the first Great-Grandchild, and Grandpa is really getting on in years, so it was important that we visited as soon as the weather turned nice. We had a good visit Friday night, but he had to cancel on us coming over Saturday, he came down with a nasty cold. I hope that he gets better – I know his days are unfortunately numbered. He didn’t look good at all. He did mention while we were there on Friday that he is thinking about selling the house and getting into assisted living. I was relieved to hear he wanted to do that.

Saturday morning we met up with some of my old school buddies in my hometown and had breakfast. My friend Sue had a baby 3 weeks after I did, so she and I were pretending our kids were on a date, haha. Too bad it was a shitty day out and we couldn’t walk around afterward. If you’ve ever been to Hudson, you’ve been to heaven (especially the new library, *drool*).

We wen over my Grandma’s best friend’s house after breakfast (she lives in Akron), she is the sweetest person. She made John a quilt when he was born, it’s the cutest thing and I use it all the time. She was never blessed with children with her husband, but loves babies all the same. I am so glad we went and saw her, she cheered me up quite a bit.

Breakfast in Hudson!



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2 responses to “Ohio

  1. I just love love love CB! Every time we drive somewhere that has them, I have to stop. Even if the real local food is better, gotta get my fix 🙂

  2. too cute! glad he did well in the car!

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