5 months!

My big boy can now sit by himself for about 30 seconds! He did this at yoga last Tuesday for about 5 seconds and I was psyched. We practiced some more and he was able to sit for pictures yesterday! Yay for my 5 month old boy! I’m not sure when the average kids sits, I think it varies. Our friend’s boy didn’t sit until after 6 months. I’ve seen pics of kids who could do it at 4 months. So it is nice to know 5 months is perfectly acceptable, that’s a load off my mind! He has been stalling out on his stomach for two months and I was worried we were running into a problem. He still hates being on his tummy after a while. I wonder when he’ll be able to get into the sitting position from his tummy? Is that too much to ask? I’ve given up on him rolling from tummy to back. Haha. I think he’ll sit from his tummy first, he also started going from his forearms to his hands this week, like a little seal. When he first discovered it, he was going up and down, over and over, like it was the best thing ever.

Mike has been off all week, so I’ve been sleeping in an hour. Awesome… heavenly… don’t want it to end! But this morning when I was sleeping, Noopy was sitting, falling forward a bit, and then using his hands to straighten up. Wow.

It’s amazing how beings like horses can walk from birth, yet it takes 5 months for humans to be put into a sitting position and stay there for half a minute. It’s just so nice to see him be able to do more things, he wants to move around so bad and gets so frustrated when he can’t. He’s so tenacious, I hope we can figure out how to get him to be able to do stuff later in life without crying when he realizes he can’t just yet. That is such a trait from my Mom’s side of the family. They’re all ultra competitive with themselves. It’s not so bad when they reach adulthood, of course, but it can make for some embarrassing moments in childhood. Oh well. We’ll work on that.


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  1. Since Alexa was a preemie, she is closely monitored. She sat at the “normal” corrected age..but HATED tummy time. She also didn’t crawl until she was a couple months older than “normal”. They like to freak you out with averages and charts, but really…it’s almost all NORMAL 🙂

    She did eventually learn to roll from her back to her front. She did learn to crawl. And now she walks with wild abandon and doesn’t seem to care that she was a “late bloomer” with some of the milestones.

    Babies are all so different…your little guy is doing great!

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