Noopus was 6 months on July 4th!

I haven’t updated our 6 month stats! John is a whopping 18 lbs, and is 28.5″ long. Or tall. Haha. He seems to have more and more of a personality every day, and it’s a silly one. He loooooves going swimming in the nude in our kiddie pool on our deck (closely supervised, of course). He loves to make silly sounds and likes to shout, “HA!!!!!!!!!!!” when he’s being especially playful. Still no teeth, still no crawling – no big deal. He sits really well and I can leave him be for a little while to play/learn on his own. So I’m in no rush for the crawling! We found out he also loves it when Grandpa takes him on wagon rides down my parent’s long driveway. Wheee. He loves being held upside down by his hips, and loves being taken outside in the rain.

This is beginning to sound like a baby personal ad… so here are some pics to make that bizarre scenario complete:

(I just thought this one was funny!)


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