4 month pediatrician visit

Oh boy… my little man is now 15 lbs and 10 ounces!! He’s 26 inches tall! And his head is about 17″. Wow. He’s almost doubled his birth weight 2 months early.

The doctor also said we could begin solids whenever we wanted, because he’s definitely big enough! So after the appointment, we went to Babies R Us and picked up his new high chair, some baby spoons, organic rice cereal, and a cute Dr. Seuss bib. We wanted to start today, but he’s been really fussy since we got home due to the shots. We might try tomorrow instead.


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And… my newborn is so not a newborn anymore! Today when I put him on his back in the middle of his playmat, he rolled over, turned 45 degrees, and crawled 3 inches (verrrrrrrrry slowly, but I say it counts!!!!!)

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Saturday was awesome. It was 90 at home, so we drove to the beach, where it is always cooler. Ohhh so nice! We went to the Asbury Park boardwalk. I guess 100 years ago it was like going to Disney World, with elephant rides and diving horses and stuff that wouldn’t fly these days. Then it fell out of favor, crumbled up, and turned into the ghetto. Then like 10 years ago, buildings were being sold right and left and things slowly picked up again. I guess there was always places like The Stone Pony, which may or may not have been made famous by some Jersey shore guy.. I think his name is Bruce? Yeah… I never heard of him. 😉 Actually, it’s such a landmark, it is every shore musician’s rite of passage to play there. I’ve been there a few times when Mike’s band would play. But for a long time, that was maybe the only place you could go. Things came and went (like the skatepark Mike claims he first saw me at), but nothing stuck because the money ran out. Until, that is, until someone stepped in and redid the entire beach area from the old Casino to Convention Hall (maybe a mile or mile and a half of boardwalk?) Anyway, it’s now suuuuper upscale and a really great place to spend an afternoon. You can lay on the beach, go to the spray ground, wander in and out of shops, blow glass, paint pottery, and eat until you’re stuffed to the gills.

Here’s Mr. Noopy and I at the beginning:

And us taking a break:

Another landmark (they have YAPPY hour, where you can bring your dog and get drunk!)

It was a good time. We will be back when the spray ground is open – little man needs some time in the water this summer!

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Dryer Balls

I really want soft clothes, but I am allergic to fabric softener. I did have some of those blue plastic balls you throw in the dryer, but the thought of adding more chemicals to my laundry freaks me out just a little (you know, via the heat of the dryer, blah blah blah). Whatever. I’m slightly a hippie, we know this. 🙂 Now, there is a slightly popular company run by a very nice lady who makes her own wool dryer balls. She is great, but I can’t justify spending $7/ea on dryer balls when I have TONS of roving left over from when I had time to spin yarn. So, of course, I tried to see if I could make my own dryer balls. Sorry Buddha Bunz! I’m too crafty to pass this up! Plus… you can Google “how to make wool dryer balls”, and you can get instructions on how to make them with 100% yarn. If you don’t want to do this, by all means, please buy some from Buddha Bunz, she is a work-at-home-mom and super nice.

Anyway, here is how I did it:

This is about 5 oz. of unspun angora roving I bought years ago. I found out the hard way when I tried to spin it that I am allergic to bunnies! Washing/felting them is ok, though. The dander comes off. But it was always too pretty for me to throw out.

Wound up into balls and placed into some tights my big butt refuses to fit into. The tights keep the roving from unraveling, and the friction of the roving against the nylon helps it to felt the balls.

I washed and dried them with one load of darks (just in case the dye bled… the roving was from eBay, I got it maybe 5 years ago). Then I cut them out of the tights and took the picture.

And then I put them in the dryer one more time, with a load of diapers. They look good!

Now, time will tell if they soften my clothes, but we will see! Hopefully Bubba won’t steal these like he did with the blue plastic balls. I know where one is, it’s in the yard under some shrubs. Oh Bubba.

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Noopy was baptized today. 🙂 I’m so happy about it, I really love our church. It is a GREAT church for kids, and the Reverend is amazing. The Associate Pastor (Rev. Mercy) is pictured, and she is equally lovely. She LOVES babies, haha! You can hold Noopy all you want, Reverend Mercy!

I got him a traditional gown to wear, but we couldn’t take any photos during the ceremony, so no photos of that. I took it right off as soon as it was over because I didn’t want it saturated with drool! I changed him into the little romper you see pictured. He looked PRECIOUS in his gown, which of course everyone in my family called a dress. Hmph. I just wanted him to look darling, because he is only little once! Ah but it was SO SWEET, I really had to fight back tears as he was getting baptized, I mean really, I was *thisclose* to losing it. I love him SO much, and it just made me feel really good to have him become a part of our church and to have such nice people help him grow up. I am not the best Christian in the world, I will be the first to admit it. I am covetous, vain, judgmental, all those things that are awful. Seriously, I can have a nasty side to me that just comes out in the most inappropriate times. And also I am not the biggest Bible believer, and I’ve been working on that my whole life… I guess you could say I’m more spiritual than religious. ANYWAY… by having Noopy be a part of such a great church eases my mind a bit – he won’t totally be under my influence!

Afterward we went out to brunch and he was SO good, all smiles and giggles for his Aunts and cousins. My Dad and Mom were there also, along with my sister and Mike’s sister and family. It was the first time my family, minus my brother, had set foot in my church in… oh about 14 or so years! It was a good time.


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So I’m a true novice, though I’ve taken some photography classes. I admit I barely paid attention in the classroom and learned all the darkroom stuff… which I have no use for now! And I guess that is telling my age a bit (I won’t lie, I’m almost 32). So anyway, we got a Nikon d60 last year and my husband has learned to take good photos using our external flash, but I hate how you have to adjust every little thing when you want a nice photo. I will adjust aperture and shutter speed, but also taking the time to put the flash on, choose settings for that as well as the camera… by then Noopy is crying and I have no picture. My thing with the built-in flash was that the photos came out too cool, especially in our living room that is 50/50 light blue and white. So the external flash is what we were using, and slowly I stopped using the d60 altogether.

I asked around and I was told I should adjust the white balance. So I did. AND HELLO! I am so dumb, that was the easiest fix ever. I really need to learn more about my camera. Just because it’s nice doesn’t mean I take good photos, I really need to use the settings!

I’m still not the best photographer, but this is waaaaay better than what I was doing!


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Before I had kids, I said I’d never…

This is always a fun game to play when you’re thinking about having children, but not yet in a position to do so. I used to always do it with my most fun friend to gossip with. We’d do a typical girl thing and privately gang up on an acquaintance with kids, and talk about their parenting skills. Yes, it is totally a bitchy and petty thing to do, but we all do it!! A lot of times we would actually have positive things to say about what most of our friends were doing: one only lets her kids play video games on Saturday night, and it has to be with Daddy. Another always reinforces speaking nicely about others, and another will only serve her baby solids that are organic purees that she makes herself.

But then there’s the other type of mom… the BAD MOM. And of course… they’re not all that bad, but there are certain things they do that make you a) cringe, and b) feel really good about your future parenting skills. When I was pregnant, my sister sent me an e-mail from an airport saying something like, “OMG WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS NEVER CHANGE THEIR DIAPER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAITING AREA IN THE AIRPORT! GO TO THE BATHROOM! USE A CHANGING TABLE!” I guess she was waiting for a flight and was completely skeeved out that a Mom did this. At the time I thought it was disgusting… then when Noopy was about 10 weeks old, we were at the park and really had to change him, so we used a park bench. People walked by, and although I didn’t hear any comments, I am sure there were some thoughts about how gross it was. You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes! And you know what, at the time, it was a new Mom mistake – he wasn’t mad his diaper was wet, he was hungry. Ooops.

But stupid things like changing a diaper in a non-designated diaper changing area aren’t what we gossip about. Usually it’s about safety issues. There’s someone we know who will plop her 5 month old up on the kitchen counter, which really irks my gossipy friend because she is worried he could fall off. There’s other things, but let’s just say “babyproofing” isn’t a word in her vocabulary.

So there are things I have done that I was pretty sure I’d never do, like changing a diaper out in the open, but really that kind of stuff sometimes means the difference between a happy baby and a screaming baby.

What are some things you’ve done that you swore you’d never do?


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